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Cotters - Definition, Types & Uses Applications of Cotters



Cotter is a wedge shape milled steel or wrought iron piece rectangular in cross section. Its width is tapered either on one side or both sides from one end to the other for an easy adjustment. Cotter is used in cotter joint which is a temporary fastening. A cotter is a form of key used to fasten together two machine parts which tend to become

separate through the action of the forces to which they are subjected. It can also be defined as a Flat wedge-like pieces of steel used to fasten rods, etc., together when such rods are subjected to axial forces only.Cotter

Types of cotters

Generally three types of cotters are used which are as follows

  1. Cotter with out Gib
  2. Cotter with one Gib
  3. Cotter with tow Gib

1. Cotter with out gib:

When the cotter alone is driven the friction between its ends and the inside of the slots in the strap tends to cause the sides of the strap to spread outwards. More ever gibes provide a larger bearing surface for the cotter to slide on due to increase holding power.

2. Cotter with one gib

When one gib is used, the cotter with one side tapered is provided and the gib is always on the out side.

3. Cotter with two gibes

When two gibes are used the cotter with both sides tapered is provided.

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