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Pins | Types of Pins | Definition of Pins


Pins are the example of fastening of a general type that is finding increasingly popular application in machinery, especially in light machinery parts. Pins may be used in straight or tapered forms in function.

Types of pins

They may be classified as under:

  1. Grooved pins
  2. Locating pins
  3. Shearing pins
  4. Safety pins

Grooved pin

The grooved pins have rolled groove, generally tapered the rolling of the pins by enlarged sectional view, so that when the pin is driven or pressed into a drilled hole a tight fill is produced between the pin and the hole

Locating pins

Locating pins also called dowel pins which fix the relative position of two parts.

Shear pins

Shear pins are transmit service load

Safety pins

The safety pins have the function of a shear pin but which are designed to fail at a predetermined load and thus protect expensive parts from damage.

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