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Escalators - Components of Escalators, Design of Escalators

Escalator is a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt or simply they are the moving stairs. An electrical services engineer should also know something about escalators.

Advance Micro Processor Technology and Its Power Requirements

Advances in microprocessor technology pose new challenges for supplying power to these devices. The evolution of microprocessors began when the high-performance Pentium processor was driven by a nonstandard power supply of less than 5 V instead of...

Fire Alarm Circuits - Definition of Fire Alarm and Alarm Circuits

A fire alarm circuit, as its name implies, sounds an alarm in the event of a fire. There can be one or several alarms throughout a building, and there can be several alarm points which activate the warning.

Many Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Many micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) devices are now on the market. They are available for use as components in diverse systems with many applications. Some MEMS devices are used primarily for their planned employment.

Standby Generators - Definition, Uses and Disadvantages

A diesel or gas turbine generator set can be installed in a building to provide electricity when the public supply fails. This is a complete form of protection against all possible interruptions of the main supply.

Sodium Discharge Lamps | Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

A sodium vapor lamp is a gas discharge lamp that uses sodium in an excited state to produce light. There are two varieties of such lamps low pressure and high pressure. Because sodium vapor lamps cause less light pollution than mercury-vapor and other types of lamps.

Electron Beam Processing For Polymers

Radiation processing of polymers was introduced after world war II with the development of the nuclear reactor. Basic research, started in the late 1940s are continuing with the commercialization of the technology.

Transformers - Types of Transformers, Fire Protection & Cooling Mechanism

To step up the generation voltage level of 11 KV to that of transmission level of 132KV generator is connected to transformer. Off load tap changer is proposed on high voltage side. An allowance of 10% continuous over load is also proposed.

Powerplant Equipment - Equipment List & Details of Power House

Power House EquipmentThere is a lot of Auxiliary equipment used in hydropower house for efficient performance of the plant. Some of the equipment is very expensive and intense care must be taken while they are selected and installed.