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Digital Logic Design

Anomalies - Definition, Types of Anamolies & Examples

Anomalies: Anomalies are problems that can occur in poorly planned, un-normalized databases where all the data is stored in one table (a flat-file database).

Nyquist Shannon Theorem | Signal to Noise Ratio - Calculation & Formula

In 1924, working at Bell Labs, Henry Nyquist, realized that the transmission capacity of a perfect channel is also finite. Nyquist discovered that it was not necessary to capture the entire analog signal to find the original signal, samples of the signal could be taken at various points to recover the original signal. Sampling is the process of converting a signal (for example, a function of continuous time or space) into a numeric sequence.

Karnaugh Mapping Procedure - Simplify Boolean Functions

Before proceeding to the topic of Karnaugh Mapping, there are some basic terms which should be understood.

  • The two forms in which a binary variable exists is either its normal form (x) or the complement form (x').

Binary Storage, Registers, Switching Circuits & Logic Gates

A binary cell is a device that can store one bit information and that bit is either a 0 or 1 . These states are achieved by the virtue of receiving the excitation signals from the input. The output of binary cells is a physical quantity that can recognize or separate the two states. Examples of Binary cells are

Complements - Types of Complements, Radix & Diminished Radix Complement

In digital computers, complements are used for simplifying subtraction operation and logical manipulation. There are two types of complements for binary as well as decimal number system.

ASCII Code - Definition, Parity Bit, Printing & Non Printing Characters

asciiASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a 7 bit code used for representing an English character. Each character is assigned a number ranging from

Binary Number System - Decimal to Binary Conversion

binary number systemBinary systems are those systems in which numeric data is represented with the help of two numbers/symbols i.e 0 & 1 only. In binary number system,also known as base 2 system or radix 2, the most common forms in which a number is represented are;