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Bandwidth - Definition, Formula & Examples

What is Bandwidth?


Normally, Bandwidth Refers to the range of frequencies used to transmit data, but in computer networking, this term refers to the data rate supported by a network connection or channel. Channel refers to a path through which signal of particular frequency can pass or frequency spectrum occupied by a single communication signal whereas bandwidth is the capacity of the connection or channel.

bandwicthBandwidth is also known as throughput rate of channel. Mostly Bandwidth is represented in the units of bits/sec or Mbits/sec.The bandwidth is a physical property of the transmission medium and usually depends on the construction, thickness and length of the medium.


Take an example of sending 8 bits ,if we are given a bit rate of say "b" bits/sec,then the time required to send 8 bits,1 bit at a time,is 8bit/sec.

Bandwidth Formula:

Time of sending a file = size of file to be sent(bits)/bit Rate (total capacity of channel)  i.e t = size/bandwidth

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