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Wireless Network - Types, Advantages & Disadvantages of Wireless Networking Setup

Computers can be connected anywhere at home without the need for wires. The two main components for setting up a wireless network are wireless router or access point and wireless clients.

Types of Wireless Networks :

Different types of wireless connections exist. Few of them along with their examples are as follows: Wireless PAN (Bluetooth, ZigBee) Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi,Fixed Wireless Data) Wireless MAN (WiMAX)

Mobile devices networks (GSM) An example of wireless networks and some wireless devices are shown in the figure below

wireless networking

Advantages of Wireless Networks:

The biggest advantage of wireless networks are its mobility and no use of cables for interconnection. decoration: underline;

Disadvantages of Wireless Networking:

Wireless networks has the disadvantage that as it uses radio waves for transmission, these radio waves may get interfered by some obstructions or other wireless devices. Wireless technology is improving day by day, and the cost of wireless products continues to decrease.

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