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Connection Oriented And Connectionless Network Services

In Data Communication, Connection Oriented and Connection less services are two different protocols used for transferring data.Protocols define format, order of messages sent and received among network entities, and actions taken on messages transmission and reception.

  • Connection Oriented Protocols:
In Connection-oriented protocol, a connection must be established to the desired service/end node before transferring any data. This protocol usually sends an acknowledgment after a successful delivery and a request to resend in case of the failure of data transfer.Connection Oriented can be Circuit Switched or can form Virtual Circuit in Packet Switched Network.

Connection-oriented services set up virtual path between end systems through a network.A packet is assigned a virtual circuit number and routers use that virtual number to send that packet through the virtual circuit established. Connection Oriented protocol provides its services during the following three steps or processes:

1. Handshaking: This is the process of establishing a connection to the desired service prior to the transfer of data.During this Handshaking Process,the two end nodes decide the parameters for transferring data.The end nodes also dedicate their resources which are necessary for the data transfer to take place.

2. Data Transfer:During this step,the actual data is being sent in order. Connection oriented protocol is also known as "reliable" network service as it provides the service of delivering the stream of data in order. It ensures this as most of the connection oriented service tries to resend the lost data packets.

3. Connection Termination: this step is taken to release the end systems and resources after the completion of data transfer. Examples: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), Connection Oriented Ethernet are examples of connection oriented protocols.

  • Connectionless Protocols:

A protocol in which there is no need for connection setup between devices for transferring data is known as connectionless protocols.A device sends data to another device whenever it has data to send.This protocol does not provide reliable transfer service as it does not ensure whether the device on the receiving end is ready to receive data or not.User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is an example of connectionless protocols.

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